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Nomination Criteria


Nominators: please address these specific criteria points in the statement of nomination section of the application. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible.


Arts Educator Award

Presented to an individual, organization or school who advances arts education in either a community capacity or school based capacity for students of all ages.  


1. Recognize the need for arts education in the community

2. Recognize an opportunity for arts education and is able to create a vision

3. Enlist partners in the planning,implementation and evaluation for arts education

4. Enrich the aesthetic lives of the people in the community


Literary Artist Award

Presented to a writer of fiction, non-fiction, playwrite, poet, children's author, YA author, biographer, literary agent, bookseller, writer's group or publisher; or organization that has shown support in the community for advancement of Literature in Rockland County.  

Nominees will be able to:

  1. provide examples of innovative literature

  2. show examples of published work in either long or short form

  3. provide reviews in the field of print or online media

  4. be a supporter of literature in the community.


Visual Artist Awards

Presented to an individual who can demonstrate their commitment to arts through this media – fine, photographer, graphic, broadcast, video, film, sculpture, metal, glass, clay, resin or other Visual media.

Nominee will be able to:

  1. Show a commitment to Arts in the Rockland Community

  2. Provide examples or work in appropriate category

  3. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the form with diverse applications

  4. Participate in community viewings or demonstrations of art form. .


Performing Artist Award

Presented to a public performer who has enhanced the Arts in the Community through public performance of music, theater, dance or other performance activity.

Nominee will be able to:

  1. Provide audio, video or online examples of performance activities

  2. Provide program notes and history of performance for the Rockland County community

  3. Be a supporter for performance activities in the community

  4. Recognize the need for public performance and implement by example.


Arts Organization / Leadership Award

Arts Organization / Leadership Award is presented to a group or goup of people who can show a visionary leadership within an organization of the Arts in Rockland County.

This category honors the work of the group, institution, service organization or group of people who have contributed to the culture and arts of the County.  

Nominated Organizations should:

  1. Be located or incorporated or operate in Rockland County, NY

  2. Show a vision for the culture of the community and implement that vision.

  3. Provide program history for contributions to the Arts Community

  4. Be an active participant in the Non-Profit community of Arts supporters in Rockland.