The Hidden World: Macro Photography of Everyday Objects

Saturday - February 9, 2019

The Hidden World of Macro Photography of Everyday Objects

Staples by Eugene Lagana

Staples by Eugene Lagana

In this workshop, photographer Eugene Lagana will cover: How to get the most out of your current gear to create exciting photos, insider tips and tricks, equipment recommendations and post processing software. Bring what ever camera gear you have, from iPhone to DSLR. Come explore the world of macro photography, network, and have fun!  

Eugene Lagana, an innovative and imaginative photographer, creates artistic stories with surrealism in mind. Taking inspiration from Salvador Dali and the experimental and satirical compositions of Frank Zappa, the New Jersey artist loves to observe people's reactions when they see his work for the first time.

11:00 AM

Saturday, January 9th

FREE for members! $10 for non-members. Register here